Confirmation Letter Regarding Mr. David Clarke


I am Monico Carany and at the request of Mr, David Clarke I wish to confirm my knowledge of him and his ministry. David Clarke is a sent minister of Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Church in England.

I am the appointed Chief Chaplain of the Values Formation Foundation in the Philippines and a minister of the gospel.

In August 2001 I accompanied Mr. David Clarke and Gordon Smith to Angels City Jail on a mission of preached the gospel to prison inmates. This was at the request of Joseph Kim a Presbyterian missionary from South Korea. I shared my ministry and work with David And Gordon Smith explaining the work I was doing in the Philip- pines and I continue to work with preach the gospel to presidents in rural areas. This may be seen on the You- tube video entitled1 Nick Cara Missionary Philippines.

In 2002, I appointed David Clarke to the chaplaincy in New Bilibid Prison to further the ministry already being conducted b him, not only in New Bilbid Prison but other jails.

I confirm I was appointed as the Director of Rehabilitation for Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. In- corporated due to my experience as a minister of the gospel, along with Virginia Carny as the Secretary of the ministry. Please see our SEC Registration2 Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. Incorporated.

I can also conform that I was invited, along with Pst Ronaldo Lopez, to accompany David Clarke back to the UK, on mission work to the UK, in 2003

I can also confirm that I was in receipt of a letter from a relative of David Clarke (name withheld) written with the intent to defaming the person and work of David Clarke. I can also confirm that Mr Gordon Smith withdrew form the Trojan Horse Mission fro reasons not disclosed and the letter sent to me appeared to be the cause of certain evil reports spread within New Bilibid Prison about the moral character of Mr. David Clarke. (Letter as seen in Is Helen Telling The Truth. 3 A Letter sent to Nick Caranay on 28th November 2001 Page 52 of Before


  1. Nick Cara Missionary Philippines.

  2. Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. Incorporated.

  3. See letter on Page 56/57 in Before The Cock Crows Part 3, In The Letter Presented To The City Fiscal


The Cock Crows.,Part 2.

I can also say I saw the letter written by Mr Gordon Smith to Isapo Gani which was presented to the City Fis- cal that stated in his opinion Mr Clarke had a mental disorder which resulted in evil reports spread within New Bilibid prison and the free society. ( See letter on Page 56/57 in Before The Cock Crows, Part 3, In The Letter Presented To The City Fiscal and In Isagani Sworn Affidavit.)

I can also confirm Mr David Clarke has been invited to preach at my home Church at the yearly anniversary in Bacolod City, Negros Island, in April 2021, but this has been postponed due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.

I also support the ministry of David Clarke and I have invited him to preach here in Korea and I also look for- ward to my vast to the UK, if the Lord Will, at some time in the future.

I hope this letter of support will serve the purpose for which I write. Yours In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,


Monico Carany, March 2021.


and In Isagani Sworn Affidavit