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Bierton Strict And
Particular Baptists
The Bierton Crisis
By David Clarke
Note From The Publisher
This story was first published under the title,
“Converted on LSD Trip”, on 11th February 2001.
This book contains far more. It speaks of the life of
David Clarke who was converted to Christianity after
an bad experience on L.S.D. on, 16th January, 1970.
David tells how he turned his back on a life of crime
and a sinful way life to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
He tells of his former criminal past in order to
demonstrate the grace of God in saving sinners.
Bierton Particular Baptists
Like Augustine and William Huntington he does
11 Hayling Close,
not hide his past.
After his conversion he learned to read through
reading the bible, in order to educate himself, as he was
PO14 3AE
virtually illiterate. He found help through reading Dr
John Gill’s, Body of Doctrinal Divinity, The Bondage of
The Will, by Martin Luther, and John Bunyan’s works
and certain Strict Baptists ministers. We include a
recommended reading list under Further Publications,
E mail: [email protected]
listed at the end of this book.
Once he was convinced of the truth of the doctrines
of grace he joined the Bierton Strict and Particular
Baptist church, in 1976. He was called by the Lord, and
sent by the church to preach the gospel, in 1982.
This edition tells of the serious doctrinal errors and
religious practice that he found among the religious,
and of his defence of Particular Redemption. This led
to his secession from the Bierton church, in 1984.
It is hoped that this testimony of David will be of
great help those who can identify with the troubles he
mentions in the section in this book ‘The Bierton Crisis’,
which was first published as a private document in
The first and second forewords are written by a none
B Foreword Dr Philip Fleming
By Dr Philip Fleming MA. BA, Bch. FRCPsych.
A Foreword by Malcolm Kirkham
I first met David Clarke around 1965 in Aylesbury,
a town just north of London. David went to the local
secondary modern Grange school and I went to the
Grammar School. Our worlds collided though when
through mutual acquaintance I joined the R & B band
“Converted on LSD Trip”
he played for “Fowler Mean”. I joined as the singer. We
This book, the personal testament of David Clarke,
became firm friends, the other band members were
in an autobiographical style. It charts his life, which
very straight and po faced but Dave and I connected I
became one of criminality and drug taking though an
was aware of his older brother mike he was notorious in
experience in 1970 of finding God whilst under the
Aylesbury and no one messed with him. He was also an
influence of LSD. Cynics may say that this was just
entrepreneur and extremely intelligent. On a different
an effect of drugs, but it is clear that the experience
path Mike could have succeeded in any field.
changed his life. Later when in court facing charges he
Dave and I had many adventures
admitted to many other crimes and was fortunate in
during our times together. He was
receiving three years conditional discharge and not a
naturally inclined to steal however and
prison sentence.
his brazen nature astounded me. If he
Since then David has combined his work as a lecturer
saw something he wanted he just took
in electronics with his mission of spreading the word of
it. This is something he shared with his
God. This is a scrupulously honest book recording both
brother. Dave and I drifted apart when
the difficulties he has faced as well as the successes in
he was incarcerated along with is
his life since 1970. A continuing worry is the fat of his
brother in one place and I in another
brother, currently serving a long prison sentence in a
for separate crimes. After 50 odd years
Philippine jail who himself has recently found God.
we are in touch again. This book gives
“This is an inspiring story of a life that has been
details of the life and times of a criminal,
turned from crime to a positive account and may be of
and his redemption and his present day
help to others who find them selves direction-less and
mission. It is also a snap shot of a period
involved in crime and drug misuse”.
time and a place. End Of.
Malcolm Kirkham 06 May 2017
Dr. Philip M. Fleming. MA. BA, Bch. FRCPsych.
Consultant Psychiatrist with special responsibility
for drug and alcohol misuse.