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C Foreword Gregg Haslam
Note From The Author
Rev. Gregg Haslam Senior Minister Westminster
Please excuse the typo’s, errors in grammar and
Chapel, London
spelling. I was virtually illiterate until the age of 21 after
which I learned to read and educate myself only through
reaing the bible and Christian literature
Please take time to understand what I am trying to
communicate as to get proof readers to work for love is
very difficult.
I am sure the New Testament writers, some of which
were unlearned men, had the same difficulties.
Vel aliter: rogo te habe me sicut claudicationem in
singulis cruribus.1
Gregg Haslam
Sincerely Yours
“David Clarke tells the story of his troubled violent
David Clarke
past and his extraordinary life, in such a way that it
re-tells the story of Jesus’ love that’s available for us
all. Christ has the power to renew and reclaim anyone’s
wasted years, no matter we’ve done, or how deep our
shame. He can re-launch our lives on a brand new
future that we could never have planned for ourselves.”
Westminster Chapel
London SW1E 6BS
D Foreword Samuel Ntoyimondo
Chaplain HMPS Nottingham
“ This moving story demonstrates the goodness
and mercy of God and it is a clear proof that no one
is beyond God’s grace, mercy and love. Whatever
wrongdoings we do, God continues to call us back to
Him and if we accept, He fulfils His plan for us to give
us hope for the future. “
1 Alternatively, Please excuse my limp as I have
only one leg.